RISQ utilizes Helical Robotics climbers. These small, remote-controlled, easily deployable, lightweight-climbing machines with extensive detection capabilities can climb walls, ceilings or rounded surfaces. The various robot models weighing approx. 25 kilos are reliable, robust, very maneuverable and easy to operate. They also have interchangeable instruments so the same climber can be used for multiple assignments. The smallest model, to be released model weighs only 3.6 kilos.

  • Eliminate the need for cranes, scaffolding and rope acces
  • Reduce accidents and potential for fall
  • Insurance risk asset integrity
  • Enchance worker safety
  • Work can now be performed in less than ideal weather or wind conditions
  • Obtain far better data, real-time inspections

The robots

Recent inspection cases

Lightning strike tip damage

Results from visual coating inspections