Project Description

Large chemical and petroleum product storage tanks can be found at chemical processing plants, refineries, and industrial locations. They are huge metal structures 150 feet in diameter and 50-60 feet tall and can easily hold more than two million gallons of gas or other hazardous liquids. Most tanks are made of steel plate that is welded together to form the structure. The material and the welds are inspected for manufacturing defects when constructed but must also be periodically inspected throughout their service life for signs of damage. The carbon steel is prone to attack by corrosion and in some circumstances cracks can form over time.

NDT personnel use visual, ultrasonic and other inspection methods to search for flaws and service-induced damage.

Inspections and thickness measurements of the tank walls can be made manually with the inspector in a man lift or hanging down from the top. However a much safer way to make an inspection is to use our Risq robot. Our robots can climb to the tank walls. Using remote controls, our operator guides them into positions and makes the necessary measurements with our high tech instruments.