Project Description

Coating inspection of Risq industrial Services ensure your coating work is protecting your assets.
Whether your assets include the management of construction sites, factories, laboratories, shipyards or power plants, you need to be certain that your coating work is protecting your facility. Coatings failures mean expensive repair costs and lengthy downtime. Our coating inspection helps ensure the continued protection of your facility


To ensure that coating work is fully protecting your facility, we provide comprehensive inspection of coating work, with our inspections machines we can inspect the coating work safe and ensure the clients that there will be no or minor downtime.

Our coating inspection will:

Assess coatings on ferrous-steel, stainless steel, aluminum, concrete, brick or plastic for conformity, compatibility and performance
Avoid expensive repair costs and downtime due to coating failures such as concrete decay, corrosion and loosening adhesive coats

Our coating inspection includes:

  • Damage assessment and expertise
  • Determination of surface roughness
  • Technical specifications
  • General technical assistance
  • Loss assessment and repair advice
  • Periodic technical inspections
  • Technical coating research
  • Testing of coat thickness
Structure damage & corrosion
20130611_11-54-00 20130611_11-53-14 20130611_11-58-55Actual damage to a wind turbine taken from the on-board cameras

Contact us today to find out how our coating inspection and failure analysis can ensure your coating work is protecting your facility.